Einsof Rules:

1. Do NOT start/ bring any drama into the Guild.

2. Do NOT start a fight/ quarrel among each other in the Guild, bring it to Private Message (PM). If it still cannot be solved, bring the matter up to the Guild officers.

3. Be responsible for your own actions.

4. Be considerate to the Guild members.

5. Help each other in the Guild whenever possible.

6. Respect your Guild members.

7. NO elitist attitude regardless of your past achievements in other games.

8. It is every Guild members' responsibility to stay updated with the Guild. We are not responsible for your clueless-ness if you do not make an effort to stay updated with us.

9. Enjoy the game, enjoy the stay in the Guild and make it a happy and comfortable place for everyone in the Guild.

10. Read points 1-9 again and remember them well.

To learn about our philosophy, you may view them here.
To know more about our legacy and history, you may view them here.