End Of GW2 Final BWE!

Thanks to all who joined us during this final beta weekend! It was a blast and we had lots of fun! See you guys again during the official launch! If you have friends who wish to play the game too, we will be more than happy to welcome them to the Guild! Just direct them to apply at

The last moments of the final beta weekend Hunger Royale event:

Guild Wars 2 Final Beta Weekend

Guild Server

Einsof Gaming Guild will be rolling on Crystal Desert server for this final beta weekend. Feel free to join us! More info at

Guild Wars 2 Beta Keys Giveaway!

Guild Wars 2 Beta Keys Giveaway!

We have a few Guild Wars 2 final beta weekend beta keys to give away over the next few days! Stay updated and notified when we give out the keys by connecting with us on Facebook and following us on Twitter!

Connect with Us on Facebook:

Guild Wars 2 Release Date Announced!

Guild Wars 2 will officially release on 28 August 2012!

There will also be one final beta weekend on the 20th-22nd of July. We will be on the Crystal Desert server. Player will be able to create Asura and Sylvari characters. Players can also visit some areas in Maguuma Jungle including Rata Sum and The Grove. We are still recruiting! More info at

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