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Title: Hugable - Leathercraft Max 400
Post by: Hugable on October 11, 2012, 02:49:21 PM
Hi to all guildies

Hugable here, Mine leather crafting skill are at 400. I can make the following items which you guildies will like.

I can make the following bags:-

20 Slot leatherbag
18 Slot oil leatherbag
18 Slot invisble leatherbag
18 Slot normal leatherbag
15 Slot oil leatherbag
15 Slot invisible leatherbag
15 Slot normal leatherbag
12 Slot oil leatherbag
12 Slot invisible leatherbag
12 Slot normal leatherbag
8 Slot oil leatherbag
8 Slot invisible leatherbag
8 Slot normal leatherbag

Anyone interest in acquiring bags pls either pm ig or drop a post here
Kindly stated the type of bags you need
Ign: #####
Qty: ##
Type: (examples 15 slot normal bag)

The base cost of the rune of holdings are as follows:-
10G for 20 slots
2 G for 18 slots
50 silver for 15 slots
10 silver for 12 slots (* NEED TO CHECK COSTS*)