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About Einsof Gaming

Founded in the 1990s.

Beyond a decade of experience.

Blood and tears shed.

Friendships created and alliances forged.

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Meet Our Team

"A Guild is Nothing without Its Members, like a Country is Nothing without Its People" - Einsof

Ben Einzo


Einsof Gaming's spearhead. Does most of the work behind the scenes. Tells dad jokes. Sometimes potato.


Secretary General

Eager to help and always answers questions whenever pawssible. However, sometimes people don't understand her. Meow.


The Guardian

Einsof Gaming's protector. A fiery knight. Mass destruction is the answer. Won't hesitate to bomb down the entire place to protecc.


Personal Assistant

Clumsy, clingy and sometimes crazy. Most useful when used as emergency food.

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Why Join Us?



More than a decade

We are a proper and organized community who have been around for more than 12 years. Not any random fly-by-night establishment.



Knowledge is power

We have experienced veterans who have been in the gaming scene for a long time. Well-versed in PvE, PvP and theorycrafting.



Friendship and teamwork

We value friendship and understand the importance of teamwork. Work together to achieve goals and objectives.

What's Happening?

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PGR Guild Recruitment Open!

Guild system is finally up in Punishing: Gray Raven! We are recruiting! Guild: Einsof. Server: Asia Pacific. How to join: Apply for Guild in game (Search for Einsof). Join our Discord!

Closing New World Chapter

The New World chapter has come to an end. We are no longer recruiting. It was fun while it lasted. Thank you all for the memories and fun!