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If you guys can calculate how much gold it will be required to transfer to TC (per member) we (TC) will work it out and accomadate you guys. We will also help with gold to buy up influence for your guild again. Lots of rich people on TC lol.

I wanted to come and check in once again before the 28th deadline. Is esF considering moving from CD? If you guys are please consider TC!

The KH guild from CD has already moved over, would love to have a skilled singaporean guild such as you guys.

Guild Wars 2 / Tarnished Coast looking for a Skilled Singaporean guild
« on: December 25, 2012, 04:27:39 PM »
Hello guys,

I am a fellow Singaporean who has been playing in Tarnished Coast since launch. We faced each other multiple times last month. Me and my group of local and international friends (around 10-15) are veteran WvWvWers in Tarnished Coast (around 3 experienced commanders among us, including me). I came from a competitive CS background before moving onto GW2.

I am going out of my way to seek to enlist really strong Singaporean guilds for the Tarnished Coast oceanic timezone. EsF has always impressed me in WvWvW when I faced them so they were my #1 choice to approach. I understand that Server Loyalty is important and if that is the case and you guys want to stick with CD and continue to march them back to tier 1, I completely respect that decision, however, its not going to stop me from at the very least making a case for Tarnished Coast.

1.We are holding our own in Tier2 even though its a holiday week (considering most of our population is NA Primetime and the average age is generally older since its the unofficial RP server which means its quite impressive considering our numbers), next week I believe we will do even better.

2. Our community is the cleanest and most fun community to play in, mature players, mature commanders, no raging at mistakes, great multi-guild coordination, people know how to have a good time but still play skillfully.

3. We establish lots of strategic documents with screenshots, on Siege placements, offense, defense on each tower/keep and share it with all our key guilds.

4. Lastly, I actually believe that our Oceanic group is much much more skilled and organized than our NA primetime, we just don't have the numbers they do. Trust me, I play in both and sit in mumble with all the NA commanders when doing so. The reason for this is that our Oceanic group has learnt it the tough way, fighting with inferior numbers on EB and our BL vs the likes of Crystal Desert (multiple times), Sea of Sorrows (and beating them), Blackgate on the rise and SoR on the rise. We are a mockup group of very skilled players ranging from Singapore, Australia, Philipines, Indonesia and European players (early oceanic in EB). The three guilds that are active during Late European/Early Oceanic ---- Late Oceanic time are some of the best guilds on our server, its the oceanic shift of Pink, TV (EB) and Pro (Indonesian guild).

I know you guys are a very very influential guild in CD and completely respect if this transfer is not a choice worth considering for you guys. I would love it if you guys would give it some serious thought. There is no 'guild heirarchy' on TC, every guild is on an equal page and everyone tries to work with each other, no one is going to ask you to turn off your icon so that commander X can take charge in a rude way. We will in fact try to get you guys into VOIP and work together as best as we can.

I hope you guys consider it,

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