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FFXIV: A Realm Reborn / PT with JP - Common Terms & Phrases
« on: January 02, 2014, 05:01:56 PM »
Pretty sure many players are already doing that on a regular basis. But there are times when one might run into a language barrier, even with auto-translate and not all of them use auto-translate. So here we can compile the most common used terms, phrases, etc. to make playing with JP players easier. 

If anybody has any contribution, correction, suggestion, addition, feel free to add. Actually for those who are more adept in Japanese, there are some things I'd like to ask translation of, if it's no trouble that is. ^_^;

Like terms or phrases for Crystal Tower to be precise..

Main boss / Behemoth = ベヒ (behi) Behemoth
Tower / Pillar = ??
Adds = 雑魚 (zako)*  - small fry, fish
Iron Giant = 巨人 (kyojin) - titan / giant

**Correction. Zako, not Sago. ARG no wonder it didn't appear. >w<; the source I copied it from put in the wrong hiragana. /flails/


JP IME Keyboard shortcuts:
Alt + Shift cycles the language
Ctrl + Capslock sets it to Hiragana mode
Alt + Capslock sets it to Katakana mode
Ctrl + Shift turns off/on the IME and just uses normal keyboard input


Forming Parties:

Please invite me? - Sassotte kudasai / さっそって ください
Can I join? - PT ni haittemo ii? / Sankashiteiidesuka? / PT に はいっても いい? / さんかしていいですか?
"____" wants to party with us – "____" ga kono PT ni hairitai no / "_____" が この PT に ひありたい の

Tomodachi mo sasote iidesuka?   
Can I invite my friend too?

Start of Dungeons:

Look forward to working with you / Please take care of me.
yoroshiku onegaishimasu

First time (doing this dungeon / instance)
初めてです / 所見です
hajimete desu / shoken desu

Unfamiliar / Inexperienced (with this dungeon / instance)
funare desu

Middle of Dungeon:

Excuse me, I will be right back.
chotto seki wo hazushimasu.

 I'll be back in 10 min  10分で戻ります   10 pun de modori masu   

Want to take _(time)_ minutes break?
_(time)_ 分休憩しませんか?   
_(time)_ pun kyukei shimasenka?         

休憩しませんか? Kyukei shimasenka?  Want to take a break?      
どれくらい?dorekurai?  How long? How much?   

AFK  りせき します - Riseki shimasu
I'm back. (i've returned)  ただいま  tadaima
Welcome back.  お帰り。/  おかえり。 okaeri

This way – Kochira / こちら
That way – Sochira / そちら
That way over there – Achira / あちら
Which way – Dochira / どちら
To the right – Migi no hooni / 左のほーに
To the left – Hidari no hooni / 右のほーに
You turn right – Migi e magarimasu / 左えまがります
You turn left – Hidari e magarimasu / 右えまがります

Watch out!  危ない! abunai!
It's a mistake  間違いです   machigai desu 
made a mistake  間違えました  machigae mashita
It broke (like equipment, or my head)  壊れました  koware mashita
this is a problem  困りました  komarimashita

今   ima   now
後で   atode   later

(name)が死にました   (name) ga shinimashita   (name) is dead
(name) 見ませんね   (name) mimasen ne   Haven’t seen (name)

(name)-san, naniwo yateruno? ima sugu yamete!
Mr. (name), what are you doing? stop it right now!

ごめんなさい - gomen nasai - Sorry (informal)
すみません - sumimasen - I'm sorry (formal)
どん まい - don mai - Don't mind. / Never mind.  **I usually see them use this after someone apologizes.
いえいえ - No, no. (It's okay)

Is it OK here?   ここでいいですか? koko de iidesuka? 

Stand here, please
Koko ni tatte kudasai

Please follow me.
tsuite kite kudasai

(It's) Over here! (used to indicate there's something of interest at your location. ie. boss)
ここです!koko desu!
 こっちです!kocchi desu! (casual)

OOO, Please come back.
OOO 戻って来てください。
OOO modotte kite kudasai.

**replace OOO with persons name to specify, or remove to generalize**

Please wait! I fell behind!
chotto mattekudasai! watashi ga osokunarimashita!

What do you want to do now?  / What shall we do?
これ から なに お したい ですか? /  どー しましょーか?
 Kore kara nani o shitai desuka? /  Doo shimashooka?

Don't worry, it's okay – Ii desu いい です
Certainly – Tashikani たしかに

I need it – Irimasu いります
I don't need anything –  なにも いりません  Nanimo irimasen
I don't need it at all –  ぜんぜん いりません  Zenzen irimasen
Was able to find    見つかりました   Mitsukari mashita
Wasn’t able to find  見つかりませんでした   mitsukari masen deshita   

Could you please raise me? レイズしてもらえますか?reizu shite moraemasuka? 

I’m tired    疲れました   tsukare mashita      
I’m about to crash (sleep)   寝落ちしそうです  neochi shisou desu         
The last one   最後の   saigo no   

Healer specific:
My MP has run out – MP kire / MP きれ
Wait while I raise you - Reizu kakemasu! matte kudasai / レズ かけます! まってください
Group together for Protect - puro kekerunode atsumatte kudasai / ぷろけけるのであつまってください

Finished dungeon / instance / party:

Good job / You've worked hard
otsukaresama deshita

I have to leave now.
ここで しつれいしないと (いけないです)。
Koko de shitsurei shinaito (ikenai desu).

Time for me to go eat   ご飯の時間です   gohan no jikan desu   

I have things to do, so I will be leaving now. Thank you.
youji ga dekita no de, shitsurei shimasu. doumo arigatou.

Let's play again sometime. またよろしくね mata yoroshiku ne
See you again! / See you later! また会いましょう   Mata aimashou!   

Thank you very much for letting me play with you.
いっしょに ゲームしてくれて ほんとうに ありがとう。
Issho ni game shite kurete hontou ni arigatou.

FFXIV: A Realm Reborn / CoB Team 7
« on: November 18, 2013, 09:50:25 AM »
Just a couple of notes or logs from last night's run and probably will also post here for the runs that follow after. 

Team 7 Lineup:

PLD - Siokia Alan
PLD - Luna Krystal
SCH - Emrys Gwysiwir
WHM - Kudj'a Yarikh
BRD - Zylo Sladek
MNK - Koenigs Pants
BLM - Esmme Gwysiwr
SMN - Quincey Maldita

Current Progress: Coil of Bahamut Turn 4

Schedule: Team 7 COB run fixed on Fridays 7.45pm every week..

If anyone is unable to make it..pls inform us in advance so tat we are able to find sub..

Calls for weekday full team runs after reset will now come into effect..since its an optional run..its ok if anyone can't make..but a reply asap is much appreciated so tat there's no needless waiting ard for the rest of us..
these runs are to enable us to clear T1 or even T2 so tat on Fridays..we can go for T4 as a full team..


Loot Claims:


FFXIV: A Realm Reborn / Some questions from a newbie 50 WHM
« on: October 30, 2013, 09:51:43 AM »
Hi, this is my second week as Level 50. So I've been reading up, experimenting and trying out other kind of combination of play style to try to improve as a WHM.

This is my first 50 class, so the only time I ever get to see another WHM in game is during 8 man parties and it's not enough to go by example. So.. I'm here to ask the more experienced 50 WHM and players who have been in party with them some questions about what they expect or their preference.

So far what I have been doing is trying to juggle the two roles, practicing and getting familiar with adding cleric stance + DPS into the dungeon gameplay aside from boss battles. Because just focusing on healing probably doesn't cut it anymore. Especially where speed is concerned. And the last place I want to be is the one who slow the whole party down.

I realize there isn't just one kind of playstyle and it is more situational. So I'm trying to get a better idea from other players' point of view.

I've been getting mixed reviews so far.  Some party prefer the WHM to just step back and stick to healing and not waste mana on DPS and just throw some DoT every now and then to just be the passive supportive role, some prefer that the WHM be more active, put up cleric stance and also contribute to DPS.

What would you expect or prefer your WHM in your party to do? --Other than the obvious, make sure nobody dies.

Also, for attribute distribution, I read some guides say that we should dump them in VIT more than MND for Titan. Darklight doesn't give enough Vit for survival for Titan? @-@;

Are there any Level 50 alchemists in the guild willing to help out with Relic weapon quest?

I already got the weapon and the 2 quicktongue materia III.

I've never request meld someone else before so I'm not familiar with what else is needed..
er.. 2 pcs. Grade 3 Carbonized Matter? And other else?

And is there an expected fee? >w<;  If there is, relatively how much....??

Edit:  Thanks for the help, Sara~  (/≧∇≦)/ 
I'm going to start working on my crafting also to try to get them to 50.


Also, to do AK and WP, you need Darklight... or is it sort of doable with the set you get from Level 50 job quest?  I'm trying to look into dungeons to spam for tomes so I'm wondering if I should just stick around in CM and Prae until I get enough for Darklight or can I also go into those other two dungeons? @.@

Sorry, asking a lot of question. X'3 I checked the Beginner guide and some sites for information but there are still some things that I'm not sure of:

I've only started crafting. Since my starting city is Gridania, I took up Carpentry and Botanist. But I'm also thinking of getting Culinarian, Fishing, and Weaving/Tailoring as soon as I get my airship pass. Is crafting beneficial or which ones are potentially more useful?

I also notice that Free Company has levels, how does one level up their FC? Or will it accumulate as long as people are online? Or do we need to do guildhests and dungeons?

Never tried using duty finder yet. Nervous a little bit because you might pt with JP and I'm worried about miscommunication due to language barrier. Or are most of the dungeons after Satasha just straightforward?

New members! Introduce yourselves here! / Hello, Yarikh here ^^
« on: August 28, 2013, 03:55:59 PM »
Hiya, name's Yarikh. Full name being Kudj'a Yarikh.  But you can call me either of the two names, whichever is more preferred. And yes, I somewhat followed the naming convention for Keeper of the Moon Mi'qote. I'm tedious like that with my own character names even if I don't RP, I want to feel like they're part of the world and I like reading about the lore. Don't mind. X'3 

At present, I'm a Level 12 Conjurer in Masamune. I'm fairly new in the game and this is my first FF MMO so I might not be up to speed with some terminology among other things, so please be patient with me, I will try my best to catch up. ^^;

My timezone is GMT+8, I live in SEA. I'm in my 20s and working so I can only play at night during weekdays but I'll be around during Sundays.

I watch anime, read manga, collect figures. My collection is still modest in size and mostly comprised of Kotobukiya, like the little One Coin Grande ones and also a few Nendoroids.

I just registered for the site, the forum and submitted an application. But I'm still a little nervous, to be honest. I hope it's ok to write an intro here even if I'm not sure whether I've been accepted or not yet. ^^;

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